After over two years of incredibly impactful work across all of Riot’s games and apps, Cheryl’s role at Riot Games was eliminated. No explanation was provided, since Cheryl was actively driving multiple critical initiatives for the company with positive feedback and recent major milestones. Her most recent work included a Riotwide overhaul of the cross-channel information architecture, her role as Product Lead for all out-of-game digital support for Arcane Season 2.

Cheryl is actively speaking with multiple companies regarding her next full-time creative leadership role, and considering roles including Senior Director of UX, Senior Director of Product Design, Game Director, UX Director, and VP of Design. If you have an opening at your company – tech or gaming – that may align with Cheryl’s skillset, please reach out at immediately to set up a conversation. Cheryl is actively looking to close this round of conversations no later than May 1.

Read on for some more context about Cheryl’s work at Riot that doesn’t fit cleanly into a single resume – or scroll to the bottom of this page to download her full 2 page resume for review.

Managerial Highlights

As a manager, during Cheryl’s time at Riot she grew her team of full time designers from 4 to 15 (at times, also managing 3-4 vendor designers or interns directly or indirectly). Management highlights:

  • Grew team from 4 to 15 full-time employees within 1 year
    • Hiring internationally and across locations
    • In many cases, self-sourcing and screening due to lack of sufficient talent acquisition capacity
  • Supported all original employees in their growth to Senior, Manager, or Principal promotions in under 2 years
  • Managed 3 new hires to promotions at their first eligible promotion period.
  • Proactively helped multiple designers work through performance challenges and rethread their careers
  • Maintained the health of her org, receiving 100% positive manager feedback in the 2022 Global Rioter Survey with no voluntary attrition from the team during Cheryl’s 2+ year tenure
  • Championed a standard design process that was adopted by the rest of the Design and Strategic Advisory team
  • Spun up our formal engagement with the Developer Platform team for the first time, from direct engagement with their leadership

Selected product releases from my team during my time as leader:

  • Riot Client Game Product Pages
  • Riot Client Background Patching
  • Riot Mobile Social Awareness
  • External Developer Portal 2.0
  • Platform Developer Portal and Design System
  • Riot Mobile Newsfeed
  • Riot Mobile Match History
  • Riot Mobile Streams
  • Code Redemption
  • Xbox Game Pass Partnership
  • Campaign Manager Milestone 1 (R+D game support)
  • Direct Content / Affiliate Shop
  • Summoner Name to Riot ID
  • Garena Migration
  • SDK Social Components for our gaming platform
  • Email account verification
  • Improved email outreach
  • Game-agnostic matchmaking system

Creative and Product Leadership Highlights

As a design leader, Cheryl served on the Player Experience initiative leadership team, meeting 4-5x weekly with other leaders in product, operations, visual design, QA, and engineering to ensure quality outcomes on all Player Experience projects, including Riot Client, Riot Mobile, Riot Web, our CMS, our design systems, and beyond.

Led Multiple Cross-Riot Design Initiatives

  • Identified key strategic cross-product initiatives and drove them from both a design and product perspective, progressively empowering more members of my team as the projects matured:
    • One Riot Information Architecture
    • One Riot Notifications Framework
    • Cross-product Campaign Hubs
    • Multiple projects as part of my work as Product Lead for Arcane Season 2 on Player Platform during all of 2023

Overhauled the Stakeholder Review Process

Moved from team-based reviews to a single initiative-wide review once weekly where all teams could participate and cross-pollinate. Participation quadrupled up through VP level, and outcomes vastly improved including earlier meaningful feedback from senior leader and cross-pillar stakeholders, all with less calendar impact.

Served as Design and Product lead for Arcane Season 2 on Player Platform

  • Embedded early with central program team, advising on technical and experience impacts of blue sky ideation
  • Partnered closely with Publishing to understand core asks for program support
  • Created a core creative vision that led to wide alignment across Player Platform and the ARC2 program
  • Identified key stakeholders within Player Platform and spun up early engagement on planning
  • Ensured all product ideas were tied to long-term product strategy and were not throwaway features
  • Wrote 6 concept product requirement documents as we explored potential feature focus areas
  • Gained alignment across our org and Publishing for a core set of 5 features in December 2023 for delivery in 2024, and finalized first pass requirements documentation for them.

Supported new teams with strategy and organizational pivots

Drove UX into our Marketing Platform and Digital Experiences teams upon re-organization into Player Platform mid-CMS migration; spearheading early meetings, identifying strategic gaps, and moving to reallocate designers from my other teams to shift focus to this urgent work.

Served as Design Lead for the Xbox Game Pass partnership across Riot

  • Represented UX during business development and gave all disciplines a clear idea of what the minimum lovable player experience would be for costing exercises, leading to a shift in executive leadership timing on execution of the deal to gain more clarity on staffing
  • Drove shared understanding across a working group of over 300 people by creating and maintaining the Xbox Game Pass Design Document, where I created and maintained our scenarios, user stories, requirements, and personas across the project in a way that all game teams and product teams could process. This document also summarized all key FAQs and knowledge I was shepherding through relationships with Microsoft and Business Development.
  • Led my cross-product team of designers from Riot Client, Riot Mobile, and Player Identity Experience, providing clear goals and success criteria, providing coaching on improvements to our process to cope with scale and complexity, and pitching in when performance was an issue.
  • Proactively identified key gaps in the understanding between Microsoft and Riot re our legal agreements and pushed towards positive resolution quickly at leadership levels to ensure the program ship dates and people’s workloads were not grossly affected
  • Proactively identified key gaps in the understanding between Microsoft and Riot re our legal agreements and pushed towards positive resolution quickly at leadership levels to ensure the program ship dates and people’s workloads were not grossly affected
  • Actively partnered with all game teams to drive new features onto their roadmap, and coordinated across game teams when new ideas came in to ensure consistency across games.

DesignOps and Craft Leadership Highlights

As Craft Lead for the UX craft at Riot, on top of her other duties Cheryl handled design operations and craft growth, overseeing a doubling in the craft from approximately 35 FTE designers in November 2021 to over 70 in January 2024. Highlights included:

Overhauled the Riot UX Hiring Process

  • Updated, standardized, and expanded our UX Interviewing Bench
  • Completely rewrote our Portfolio Review guide with level-specific guidance to ensure fair and standard evaluation across candidates
  • Worked with Recruiting and UX managers to standardize our interview meetings and process and documented it for distribution across the craft
  • Counseled our Asia teams on spinning up UX recruitment processes
  • Sat in as senior interviewer for international teams seeking UX guidance
  • Wrote public-facing Medium posts about our craft to build community outreach, markedly improving Recruiting outcomes – Behind UX Design Roles at Riot Games
  • Strengthened our intern hiring and outreach process in tandem with other employees on my team
  • Nominated for and trained as a Senior Leadership Interviewer

Mentorship and Career Growth

  • Met with and counseled managers across Riot who were coping with performance problems or potential promotions
  • Directly mentored many Rioters on either a one-time or monthly basis as needed

Created community cohesion across the org

  • Created and facilitated the monthly Cross-Riot UX Shareout series, where designers from any team could bring their work and get feedback from other peers
    • Feedback from managers indicated participation was in some cases a career-changer for those presenting
    • Presentations often led to new types of collaborations across games and platform
  • Also facilitated periodic on-site craft happy hours

Managed Riot’s Usertesting Usage as administrator

  • Oversaw licensing and usage across game teams
  • Managed contract negotiations and a move to the new shared license model

Managed Riot’s Figma usage as administrator

  • Developed Riotwide approval and access policies
  • Proactively detected viral use of editor licenses and saved Riot six figures by proactively adopting new governance systems and pushing the company towards adoption of Enterprise
  • Wrote policy documentation and published it for broad access on Notion
  • Worked closely with IT to automate the new governance processes to reduce the human burden of reviewing and approving editor license requests
  • Rolled out workspaces across Riot