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A multimodal swim lane diagram excerpted from Cheryl's book "Design Beyond Devices", depicting an example flow where a customer is hailing a ride at an airport using a phone and smart watch, touch and voice.


Cheryl’s professional passions include design leadership and strategy, cross-platform design, multimodality, collaborative design and facilitation, service design, game design, and applied storytelling for product design.

Best known for her work on popular products including Amazon’s Alexa, the Echo Look, the Riot Games platform and game library, Cortana, Disney’s PhotoPass, The Sims, and Microsoft’s Azure platform, Cheryl is transitioning to a new senior leadership role in the video game industry – stay tuned for further details!

Cheryl sits at a book sales table at the Nebulas Conference 2023 in Anaheim with her book Design Beyond Devices on display.




Cheryl is the author of Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences (Rosenfeld Media, 2020) – a book she describes as “the design manual for folks who aspire to build the bridge of the starship of their dreams.”  Design Beyond Devices has repeatedly returned to the Amazon best sellers list in its categories and has been used by multiple major corporations to drive their technology innovation practices.

Cheryl is a Verified author on Medium and her posts have been featured on the platform for years, including Staff Picks and the Medium Fellowship program. Her writing has been published by Katie Couric Media,, and the Huffington Post.


Cheryl delivers her "Future of Voice" talk at Amuse UX 2018 in Budapest, Hungary


From TEDx to international keynotes, Cheryl’s tech industry experience and  performing arts background have made her a sought-after speaker around the world. Cheryl is founder and owner of Ideaplatz, LLC, a design education company. She’s shared her talks and workshops on 5 continents, in over 15 countries, and at dozens of virtual events. 

Highlights include Interaction Latin America 2019, UX Days Tokyo & Seoul 2019, TEDx Seattle 2019, UX Scotland 2019, Webdagene 17, UX Week 2018, DesignOps Summit 2018,  UX London 2018, and UxLx (Lisbon) 2017.

Cheryl performing in a scene at Seattle Theatresports, produced by Unexpected Productions in the Market Theater in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Cheryl is being hugged by fellow ensemble members Laurel Ryan and Issiah Harris in the midst of a musical scene.



A veteran film, video, stage, and voice-over actress, Cheryl is best known for co-starring in multiple Twitch Actual Play TV shows and her own Twitch channel FunnyGodmother (Sundays 10AM PT) Her professional improv experience includes 13 yrs at Seattle’s Unexpected Productions (ensemble, teacher), 9 yrs with Seattle Experimental Theater (cast, staff), and 12 yrs with NERDprov (founding member).

As an experienced emcee, Cheryl was honored to serve as Toastmaster for the 58th Annual Nebula Awards with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association in 2023.

meet Cheryl

Cheryl Platz is an internationally renowned design leader, author, teacher, speaker, and actor based in the Los Angeles area. Her book Design Beyond Devices is available via Rosenfeld Media and most online booksellers in print and digital formats. She is the owner of design education company Ideaplatz, LLC, and an adjunct faculty member with Carnegie Mellon University‘s Heinz College and their Master’s of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) program.

In 2020, Cheryl was diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and received life-changing surgeries from Dr. William Ericson to restore her ability to work at full productivity while using ergonomic equipment. Afterwards, she began publicly advocating for greater awareness of this genetic disorder. In 2021 Cheryl launched a new chapter of her life with her husband, actor David Foubert, by leaving her home of 17 years in Seattle for Los Angeles to return to the video game and entertainment industry.

Design Career

An East Coast native and graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in computer science and human-computer interaction, Cheryl spent the first half of her life in Pennsylvania.  At Carnegie Mellon, she had the unique opportunity to study with Randy Pausch (“The Last Lecture”), who she counted as a teacher, mentor, manager (during her time as a TA in his Building Virtual Worlds class), and eventually a friend during his sabbatical at Electronic Arts. 

Cheryl’s professional career began with video gaming (Maxis/EA, Griptonite Games) and theme park technology (Walt Disney World), but she also spent years working on cloud and enterprise software like Azure (Microsoft) and technology for large scale philanthropy (Gates Foundation) as well as groundbreaking consumer products like Alexa (Amazon) and Cortana. She has now returned to the entertainment industry, starting with her time as Director of UX for the Player Platform and head of the UX craft at Riot Games, where she applied everything she learned about cross-device experience strategy to bring groundbreaking experiences to players worldwide on projects like the Xbox Game Pass partnership, the Project L / 2XKO launch, and the digital Arcane Season 2 experience.

Photo Credit: Esteban Vanegas, El Colombiano


Performing and Hosting

Cheryl’s professional acting and hosting work has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world, from multi-cam livestream TV shows on Twitch and dozens of comic convention and arts festival appearances to her design TikTok account of 36,000 followers. Her unique and versatile background eventually brought her to the stage as Toastmaster for the 58th Annual Nebula Awards with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Association in 2023.

Volunteering and Community Outreach

Cheryl has a long history of engagement with community organizations, including 2 years on the executive board of STEM nonprofit IGNITE Worldwide (Inspiring Girls Now for Technology Evolution); serving as an administrator with the community advocacy group The Online Creators Association;  extensive volunteer work for Unexpected Productions and other arts organizations; guest lecturing, judging and mentoring with a number of design and tech training programs including the Harvard Extension School and Mentor Me Collective; and numerous guest appearances as a workshop instructor and panelist for grade school STEM programs (DigiGirlz, Girls Who Code, IGNITE). 

In 2021, Cheryl completed the initial endowment of her Future Voice Scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University for underrepresented undergraduate students in order to pay forward the scholarship support she received as an undergraduate Andrew Carnegie scholar.



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Design beyond devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-device experiencess

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Your customer has five senses and a small universe of devices. Why aren’t you designing for all of them? Go beyond screens, keyboards, and touchscreens by letting your customer’s humanity drive the experience—not a specific device or input type. Learn the techniques you’ll need to build fluid, adaptive experiences for multiple inputs, multiple outputs, and multiple devices.

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