Cheryl participates in periodic podcasts aligned with her personal interests: technology, design, voice interaction, artificial intelligence, enterprise technology, digital productivity, gaming, streaming and creator culture, and tech ethics.

Ms. Platz is available for television, radio, and traditional press interviews, and is open for paid guest writer inquiries and expert segments.  Contact Cheryl directly for inquiries or rate information.

Podcasts for Design Beyond Devices

the Product Experience

Nov 30, 2021

Designing Beyond Devices with Cheryl Platz

UI Breakfast

Jan 29, 2021

Cross-Device Experiences with Cheryl Platz

Content Strategy podcast

April 27, 2021

Design Beyond Devices with Cheryl Platz


Nov 30 2020

Multimodal Design, or How to Get Everything to Play Well Together


Dec 4 2020

Multimodal Design with Cheryl Platz

this informed life

Dec 19 2020

Multimodality with Cheryl Platz

Rosenfeld Review

A podcast preview of my book Design Beyond Devices with publisher Lou Rosenfeld (Sep 2020)

BBC RAdio 4

The Digital Human
Series 15: Subservience

Cheryl was featured as an expert in conversational agents in this discussion about etiquette, digital agents, and the psychological impact of our continued relationship with our devices.


Listen at the BBC

Expert opinions

Adobe IDeas Blog

Jan 13, 2020

“Removing Bias in AI Part 1: Diverse Teams and a Refined Design Process”


Aug 30, 2017

“Why Voice Assistants will Give You a Headache”

Adobe Ideas Blog

October 2020

“Ask a UXpert: Designing for Headless Interfaces”

Focused Industry Articles

Adobe ideas Blog

Oct 1, 2021

“Design Beyond Devices: A Conversation with Cheryl Platz”

IxDA Medium

October 2020

“The Value of Breaking Outside of Yourself”

UX London Medium

Summer 2018

Interview with Cheryl Platz

Carnegie Mellon

Summer 2011

“Happily Ever After”

Older Podcasts (Subject to availability)

Design Drives

Episode 1

Cheryl Platz | Driving Future Interfaces, from Azure to Alexa

This week in voice

March 8 2018

Cheryl Platz & Mark Webster

Video Interviews with Cheryl

Adobe Ask a UXPert

Meet the Alexa Voice Team

LinkedIn Get Connected