I left the video game industry in 2007 after shipping over half a dozen titles on every platform you can think of – PC, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Xbox, PlayStation, GameCube… I was ready for new challenges. I didn’t expect the journey to take me so far afield of gaming – from enterprise software to cars, virtual assistants, cloud platforms, and even global philanthropy!

But the time has come for another change, and a role crossed my path that was good enough to convince me to leave my home of 17 years, the Seattle area. I’m thrilled to share that as of November 1, 2021 I am the new Director of User Experience for the Player Platform at Riot Games.

As part of this new role, I will both be responsible for growing and managing a team of designers supporting the game-adjacent and game-agnostic experiences like Riot Client, Riot Mobile, and Riot’s authentication platforms IN ADDITION TO serving as the Craft Lead for User Experience at Riot – setting best practices for hiring, career growth, craft growth, knowledge management, DesignOps, and more.

I can’t wait to dig in with the current team, get into hiring the rest of the team, and discover all of the opportunities that lie ahead for us and our players.