Newly available at both and the Riot Games UX Design Medium publication is my latest detailed behind the scenes piece about the exciting and groundbreaking design work we’re doing on behalf of players here at Riot Games. In this first of a series piece, I’m pulling back the veil on the strategic work I contributed to the early stages of the Riot Games – Xbox Game Pass partnership, and providing key insights that others can apply when looking to drive shared understanding across disciplines on challenging cross-platform and cross-company projects. This post has gone viral on LinkedIn with over 3,000 likes in a few weeks, and comments, reposts, and other engagement from 6 continents!

If you’re looking to greenlight a project with dollars and staffing attached, it’s a mistake just to focus on a happy path without directly addressing your biggest experience and feasibility risks. Your stakeholders need to know that you understand the risks and are directing the right resources to address them.

-Cheryl Platz, “The UX behind #TheUnlock: Part 1”

Many of these insights tie directly to ideas shared initially in my bestselling design book, Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences.

To learn more, check out “The UX Behind #TheUnlock: Part 1” on Medium.