I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I’m in rehearsals for a full-length improvised comedic parody of the Original Star Trek series. It’s called “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and we open June 23rd. (If you’re in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area or just interested in current and future performance info, you can “Like” us on Facebook here!)

Now, when I was growing up, I grew up amidst a family of Trekkies. I never had much interest in the original series as a girl (“TOS” to the hardcore) but was OK with TNG (Next Generation; Picard et al) and watched a number of those episodes via a combination of osmosis and conscious choice. I’ve seen all of the Star Trek movies, and my favorite has always been Star Trek IV (you know, whales and Scotty trying to talk to a computer mouse). Thus, even though I didn’t watch TOS at first, there was always an awareness of those characters – and so when I found out my friend Jeannine wanted to direct an improvised show using many of the same conventions, I was totally onboard. (No pun intended.) In fact, I came back from TechEd a day earlier than I had to so that I could attend her callbacks. I’m glad I did. But it is ironic that I once gave my brother crap for owning a Klingon-English dictionary (truth) but am now falling deep into the same rabbithole 20 years later.

They decided to cast me as the (“sexy”) Alien Female. When I began to tell people about the show and my role in it, I was immediately struck with the staggering frequency of this followup question: “Are you going to get to be green?” Now, for the uninitiated, these people are referring to ‘Marta’, an alien character from a race well-known for their seduction powers. Also, her body is entirely green. Apparently, this has become A Thing. If I had a nickel for every person who asked me if I’d be green, well, I’d have at least a candy bar by now.

What’s even more surprising is WHO asks the question – previously unknown Trekkies are showing their own “colors”, as it were. A secret starfleet, emerging based on the siren call of a woman who looks like a hot Wicked Witch of the West.

The answer to the Green Lady question is “no, not this time”, though if enough people ask about it I suppose anything is possible for a single show… (For now, I’ve got enough to worry about making sure I’m in shape for the gogo-boots-and-not-much-else look, just weeks after knee surgery!)

But it’s not just the Green Lady Question that’s entertaining. While participating in the IGNITE charity walk, I told a friend about the show and she immediately offered me the use of a collection of both retail and custom made Tribble equivalents. I didn’t see THAT one coming. And another friend proudly sent pictures of their replica Klingon PADD (this time, less surprising since he proudly sound designed for “A Klingon Christmas Carol” a couple of years back.) Plus an assortment of offers from people of phasers, communicators, and other props.

The most important thing is that I’m having a fabulous time in rehearsals – and I think it’s going to be an excellent show. I can’t always say that. And I’m learning much more about my friends (in and out of the show) in the process. I’m sure I’ll count myself as a member of the Secret Starfleet by the show’s end. (ESPECIALLY for the reboot. Loved the new movie, and my professor Randy Pausch from a few posts ago had a line in the opening sequence!) I’m excited to share our comedy with other enthusiastic geeks like ourselves – and it being Seattle, I’m sure there are hordes of us.

As it’s improvised, every show will be completely unique, never to be seen again. If you, too, are a member of the Secret Starfleet, you should join us! Tickets will sell out quickly since the theatre only seats 40 – if you’re interested, make sure to visit the Facebook page for ticketing info.

*”Where No Man Has Gone Before” is an improvised parody inspired by Star Trek and does not use original scripts.

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