After months of planning, part 2 of my European voice design speaking tour is upon us. I’m honored to be speaking 5 times across 3 cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Many of the events are close to selling out, so if one of these events interests you, please book immediately!

Design Matters // Copenhagen, Denmark // Wed, Sep 28th

NEW Keynote: “From Blank Page to World Stage”
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Most designers are experts at improving upon existing experiences – but how does your process translate to a brand new product? How do you keep a brand new product alive, keep stakeholders passionate, and keep your customer at the center of it all all from behind a veil of secrecy? Cheryl shares some of the processes and techniques she used to help get the Echo Look from a blue-sky idea to a tangible, validated experience in the hands of customers worldwide. You’ll leave with a clearer picture of how to incorporate natural user interface concepts into your envisioning work, and how to set yourself up for success in the challenging and often secretive environment of new product design.

Euro IA // Stockholm, Sweden // Saturday, Sep 30

Tutorial: Giving Voice to Your Voice Designs
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Designing for voice interaction can be an intimidating concept for a generation of designers trained primarily in visual principles and patterns. But there’s a greater need for voice designers than there are folks experienced in voice design. How do you know whether a leap into this emerging specialty may be just the right thing for your career? Odds are, your existing skills and creativity can be reframed to adapt to this new technology with the addition of some domain-specific guidelines and creative lenses. Join me for a four-hour workshop where we go from exploring the technology, constraints and best practices to a hands-on exploration of the design process for a sample voice skill.

Webdagene (Workshops) // Oslo, Norway // Wed, October 18

Workshop: Giving Voice To Your Voice Designs
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See description above. This special 5-hour full day workshop provides even more time for discussion, hands-on exploration, and peer feedback.

IxDA Oslo Meetup // Oslo, Norway // Wed, October 18

Panel: The God Designer Complex (18h – 20h)

In 2015 we hunted unicorns, and in 2016 we asked if the inmates were running the asylum. This year the Webdagene/IxDA panel will go to infinity and beyond, looking at the designers role in an automated, augmented and artificial future. As we move towards a society increasingly dependent on algorithms, do we need to stop asking if designers should code, and start asking if designers should be the gatekeepers of ethics in the products and services we design?

Webdagene (Conference) // Oslo, Norway // Fri, October 20

NEW Talk: Listening to the Future of Voice
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Voice interfaces have finally reached critical mass, but what lies ahead for this important sector of the technology market? What problems are still unsolved, and where does the greatest opportunity lie? What role will conversational interfaces and multimodal interfaces play? And what are the ethical concerns as we move towards more intelligent voice assistants? Veteran voice UI designer Cheryl Platz shares her outlook for the future of the industry.

Hope to see you at one of these fantastic events! I genuinely can’t wait to engage in the many fantastic discussions that will no doubt surround these alignments of the design stars in Europe.

Cheryl is currently accepting inquiries about 2018 speaking engagements worldwide, and 2017 engagements in Seattle (or London/Ireland in late November). For more information on the currently available talks and workshops, visit Ideaplatz – and if there isn’t a talk that suits your needs, feel free to inquire about a new topic!