Video diary of our travel to and time in the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya:

Since I’m not a professional cinematographer or photographer, my goal on safari was largely to experience it myself, not to document it perfectly. I brought my relatively new point and shoot camera (Powershot ELPH 330). I love the video journaling function on this camera, but turned it off to save space for longer videos for this trip.

I ended up with a few hundred photos and 8GB of HD video. (My battery died halfway through the first day of safari since I forgot to charge it again after our village visit). Were I to do it over again, I certainly would have brought more SD cards. Still, there was enough decent video (far from National Geographic quality, of course) to create this 15-minute video highlight reel of the journey. Enjoy!

Still to come: writings about the safari experience, and my closest brush with danger thus far in my life.