Cheryl tells a story to Chris Willis on Zoom, and both have smiles on their faces

New year, new podcasts! We start out with an interview focused on content design – what role does it play in voice design, and what role has it been playing in Cheryl’s work in the video game industry? Hear some unique stories from Cheryl’s past game design roles and contrast them with her leadership role in UX at Riot Games.

Speech Recognition Technology and UX: How Consistent Content Powers Both at Riot Games, with Cheryl Platz (Acrolinx Wordbirds at YouTube)

Games like Disney Friends are changing how people communicate and relate to video game characters. Today’s guest helped develop Disney Friends and is the Director of User Experience at Riot Games. Join Cheryl Platz as she discusses speech recognition technology in the video game industry. Cheryl also talks about what it’s like to work in Riot Games and how everything has to be consistent now that they have more games. You can also learn about Cheryl’s perspective on technology from her book, Design Beyond Devices: Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences. Discover the future of the video game industry today!